Church Electronic Sign In System

Metricreg Can be used as a church Management System. It enhances the safeguarding and efficient running of your church.

Features and Benefits

Electronically records details of DBS approved adults in the church

Help ensures that only adults with DBS approved status can work with children.

Email notification of DBS expiry dates

Church leadership is automatically notified when DBS of adults working with children are about to expire.

Sunday school register

Children can be checked in and out electronically during each session, thus giving newcomers peace of mind that their children are safe. A self-adhesive badge with the child’s name can also be printed when they are checked in.

Emergency Evacuation List

If there is an emergency evacuation, details of everyone on the premises for roll call purposes can accessed instantly on any mobile or tablet device. This enhances safeguarding of your church.

GDPR Compliant

Records of everyone on the premises are securely kept in accordance with GDPR requirements.

Electronic sign in by visitors

Detail of visitors attending your meetings is electronically recorded and email notification of their details are automatically sent to the leadership team for follow-up.

Electronic sign in by church members

Church members can be signed in at a touch of a button. This helps the leadership team to know attendance numbers at meetings and thus removing the need for manual counting.

Pre-Book Function

Visitors and Members expected at a meeting can be pre-booked in advance thus enables them to sign in much more quickly.

Securely keeps attendance records

Help church leadership team to identify church members that have stopped coming so thus providing an opportunity to check up on them and provide support and encouragement to such members if required.

Attendance of church workers on site Can be viewed in real time

Help improves the running of the church service as the leadership team can see in real time if they have enough workers to run the service effectively, and thus ask other church members to help temporarily if they are short of workers.

Prints badges for church workers

This is particularly useful for large churches with many workers, as each badge displays the name of the worker and their department. This helps with co-ordination and organisation during church meetings.

Rota and Time & Attendance

This function is ideal for churches with part-time staff. Hours worked are automatically calculated, and can be uploaded to any payroll software, thus saving significant admin time during payroll process.

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