Visitor Management

Metricreg Visitor Management solution enables visitors on your premises to electronically sign in.

It enhances your organisation by making the whole sign in process efficient and making your reception area paperless. Visitors simply sign in on the screen provided, their host is notified by email that they have arrived, and a badge is automatically printed which they can wear while on site.

The Emergency lists function enables you to access details of everyone on site during an evacuation through any tablet or mobile device. Screen sizes available ranges from 10” to 21”.


Industries that will benefits from using Metricreg Visitor Management includes:

General Manufacturing
Data Centres
Training Centres
Local Government
Food Manufacturing
Call Centres
Care Homes

Features and Benefits Includes

Enhanced Corporate Image

Metricreg visitor management systems give a very good first impression of your organisation as visitors and customers can electronically sign in seamlessly at your reception. It impresses your guest and shows that your company is modern and efficiently run.

10″ and 21″ Touchscreen

Metricreg comes with an Intuitive modern looking touchscreen with an integrated webcam that makes it possible for visitors to sign in and out at reception. Their pictures are then automatically taken during the sign in process and printed on a badge that can be worn on the premises.

Paperless Reception

Metricreg visitor management replaces paper based solution, thus meaning that your reception area can be paperless, clean and tidy.

Emergency Evacuation Management

When there is a fire or emergency evacuation, this module enables management to access details of all staff and visitors on the premises from any mobile or tablet device.

Fully Customisable Kiosk

With Metricreg, you can easily customize the sign-in kiosk at your reception to engage with your visitors and market your brand to this captive audience.

Event Notification
Event Notification

Metricreg makes it possible for advance email notification and reminders of important events to be sent to management.

Staff Notification

Staff are automatically notified by email and/or text once their visitors have electronically signed in and waiting at reception.

Attendance Tracking
Improved Safeguarding

Metricreg is particularly beneficial to organisations like Care Homes that looks after vulnerable people as details of visitors to the premises are electronically stored securely. This means that it would be possible to see in real time details of visitors on site and who they are visiting on any smart device. Furthermore, having Metricreg can help improve the safeguarding rating given by regulatory authorities. For example, having Metricreg will likely demonstrate to the Care Quality Commission during their inspection that safeguarding is taken seriously as data stored on Metricreg is secure and GDPR compliant, unlike a sign in book which can easily be lost or misplaced.

Visitor Management

Information of all visitors to the premises, including their photo, name, arrival, and departure times are permanently stored on a secure and encrypted database.

GDPR Compliant

Metricreg is GDPR compliant as all the information stored on the system is hosted on a secure and encrypted database and only accessible to authorized personnel.

Events Management

This function makes it possible to pre-book visitors and clients in advance of their attendance. This means that they will be able to collect their pass immediately upon arrival, thus greatly reducing the time spent in the reception area.

ID Badge Printing

The process of printing badges is wireless, automatic, and seamless. The visitor gets self- adhesive visitor badges printed on-the-spot, with or without photos, which they can wear after they have signed in. When leaving the premises visitors can simply take off the badge, place it in front of the scanner, and the system automatically signs them out.

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