COVID-19: Help for re-opening safely

Control COVID-19

Metricreg can help your business to control COVID-19 in the following ways

Track and Trace

Metricreg keeps contact details of all visitors and staff electronically so it is easy to notify relevant people required to self-isolate.

Capacity Management

With Metricreg, you know how many people are on site at any time, thus enabling you to restrict entry if capacity level would prevent minimum social distancing space from being observed on the premises.

Visitor Notification

By using Metricreg, you are able to pre-book visitors in advance, so that guests can receive automated email which includes COVID-19 complaint instructions on what to do when they arrive so that they can visit safely.

Infection Control

As all staff have access to information they need on their own mobile or tablets devices, the need to share paper and pens with different people, especially when checking or working on rotas and timesheets, is removed. This helps in reducing risk of spreading COVID-19 among staff.

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