CBSecurepass is the Visitor Management section of Metricreg specifically designed for the Education sector

CBSecurepass is one of the most advanced and secure visitor management system for the education sector. It enhances the school’s image by making the whole sign in process efficient and making the reception area paperless. Visitors simply sign in using the intuitive screen provided, their host notified by email, and a badge is automatically printed which they can wear while on site.

Visitor information is stored securely, thus enabling you to know who is on site ant any given point. This is particularly useful when there is an emergency evacuation, as everyone’s details can be accessed instantly on any mobile devices.

Primary School

Given that budgets are increasingly limited, it’s important that primary schools have an efficient and affordable sign in solution that also help enhances safeguarding. CBSecurepass is an ideal solution trusted by many schools all over the country.

Multi – Academy Trusts (MAT)

With CBSecurepas innovative multi academy trust solution, it is possible for data and information between different CBSecurepass systems on different sites to be shared and accessed in real time.

Secondary School

There could be many thousand of students, visitors and staff present on a secondary school’s premises at any one time. CBSecurepass provides a seamless and effective sign in solution that enables you to identify who is on site at any time. This is particularly helpful during an emergency evacuation as details of everyone on site can be accessed instantly from any mobile device.

Independent Schools

Privately run schools are under a lot of pressure to attract sufficient new students every year. Having A CBSecurepass system at your reception enhances the school’s image and demonstrates to parents that you take safeguarding of students seriously. This could well be a deciding factor for a parent when deciding where to send their children.

Sixth Form

Given their age and maturity level, sixth form students are given much more freedom than other students. CBSecurepass makes it possible to monitor their attendance and ensure that they are turning up on time for their lesssons.

Special Schools

As special school is a school that is specially organised to make special educational provision (‘SEP’) for children or young people with Special Education Needs (SEN) who are highly likely to be vulnerable, student safeguarding is particularly important. CBSecurepass is ideal for special schools as it records details of all visitors on school premises at any points in time and also help ensure that all staff have a valid DBS.

Features Include

Enhanced security

Our signing in system will help to provide an enhanced sense of security for your students, staff and visitors by instilling confidence that safeguarding measures are in place.

Entry points

If your school has more than one entry point then we can provide additional monitors and scanners that will synchronize with the central database.

Late arrivals

This module records student late arrivals and sends an email notification to the relevant person. An acknowledgement slip is also printed for parents to sign so a hard copy can be filed.

Visitor Mangement

Late Arrivals

Staff Sign In



Emergency lists

The Emergency list enables schools to access staff and visitors on site when there is a fire or emergency incident. Our responsive site allows schools to remotely access the list from ant mobile/tablet device.

Encrypted database

All information stored on the system is hosted on an encrypted database and only accessible to authorised personnel.


CBSecurepass is compatible with most access control systems including Paxton and Mifare. Our system also integrates with most management information systems such as SIMS and Integris.

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