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Photographic evidence of staff clocking in and out of your client’s site
Staff hours automatically calculated
See in real time which staff are on client’s site
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  • Electronic timesheet

    Make payroll simple and accurate with electronically recorded hours

  • Holiday and absence request

    Accept holiday or absence requests in just one easy click

  • Attendance tracking

    Get real-time info on employee attendance

  • Cost information

    Make cost control simple with automatically calculated staff costs for any selected period.

  • Annual Leave Management

    With annual leave entitlement automatically calculated, you can be sure how much allowance any given employee has at any one time.

  • Effective Shift Management

    Allow staff to apply and be accepted for open shifts within seconds, with the roster automatically updating.

  • Event Notification

    Sends advance email notifications and reminders to alert management of important events.

  • Realtime Dashboards

    Managers can see who is and isn’t in at any given time, allowing for effective management and speedy cover.

  • Staff records

    Secure storing of employee records, certificates and other confidential information

  • Intuitive scheduling

    Employee details, such as position, are saved into the system so you can assign shifts quickly

  • Payroll Uploading

    Easy uploading into most payroll software.

  • Shift swapping

    Allow staff to swap shifts within seconds, ensuring shifts are always covered.

  • Staff Scheduling

    Quickly fill out shifts and send straight to your team

  • Time Clocking App

    Electronically records start and end shift times as staff sign in and out of the app

  • Daily and Weekly Hours Total

    Got a project with a budget? Metricreg lets you see the costs for individuals and all staff at the touch of a button

  • Employee Notification

    Metricreg gives notification to employees on their mobile device to let them know of any shift changes

  • View staff availability

    If a shift becomes available, staff who can do the cover can apply for it via the app on their phone.

  • Photographic evidence

    Photos of staff of clocking in and out at client site are automatically recorded, thus removing the risk of staff members asking unauthorised person to cover their shift.

  • Calculate staff hours worked

    Staff hours worked on client sites are automatically calculated and can be imported into any third-party payroll software. This significantly reduces admin time when preparing staff pay.

  • View staff attendance in real-time

    Staff attendance (including clocking in and out times) at your client’s sites can be viewed in real time remotely on any mobile or tablet device.

  • Speeds up invoicing process

    As actual hours worked are automatically calculated, admin time involved in raising invoices to client is significantly reduced.

  • Better cashflow

    With Metricreg, client would also have access to hours worked as they are automatically calculated. This means they would know in advance before they are invoiced how much they would be charged, and thus making it possible to be paid on time.

  • No more paper timesheet

    Your clients would not need to sign timesheets anymore as they can see for themselves in Metricreg the clocking in and out times and hours worked by your staff on their sites.

  • Additional revenue

    Earn commission each time your client use metricreg for their own staff.

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