Why choose Metricreg to help your business?
It saves you time and money

With staff hours and pay automatically and accurately calculated, processed and uploaded, Metricreg streamlines the payroll process and removes the need for manual input while ensuring good cost control.

It streamlines staff Management

Easily adjust, create and schedule staff rotas in just a few clicks, making staff management quick and easy.

It’s accessible

The Metricreg app allows staff and management to sign in on their mobile devices, accessing information and completing tasks while on the go.

It’s affordable

With prices based on the size of your business, we calculated the cost based on how many staff members use the software rather than an inflated flat fee.

It’s efficient

Do you need to schedule a rota or manage shift swaps? With Metricreg you can be done in seconds.

It’s good for the environment

Eliminating the need for paper time sheets and holiday forms, Metricreg is dedicated to helping the environment by automating your processes.

It allows for COVID -19 Track and Trace

Thanks to the nature of Metricreg’s shift management features, it allows you to track any staff who may have come into contact with an infected person by accessing the records.

Improves safeguarding

The Metricreg visitor management function, amongst other things, electronically keep records details of all visitors on your premises. This is particularly helpful when doing a roll call during an emergency evacuation as details ove evryone on site can be accessed intsantly on any mobile device.

Efficient Home Working Management

Metricreg helps your staff who are working from home to perform their tasks efficiently. The rostering functionality enables shift or hours of work to be scheduled in a way that it does not clash with time required to attend to family demands such as school pick ups and drop offs. Management can view real time availability of everyone, so that important meetings can be scheduled effectively with no interruptions or distractions.

Paperless reception

Having Metricreg visitor management solution at your recpetion means that your visitors can sign in and out electronically, thus making yoru reception area paperless. Once a visitor signs in at the reception, the host isautomatically notified that their guest has arrived

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