How is the CBSecurepass hardware wall-mounted?

The CBSecurepass can be attached to a wall bracket or Desk Clamp in your reception area. It requires only 1 power socket and can be connected to both WIFI and Ethernet.

SIMS, iSAMS, ENGAGE, Bromcom, Wauton Samuel, Scomis and other MIS

“Pre-book” is designed to tell the system of a scheduled upcoming meeting, this function can be used to avoid a bottle neck of people queuing in front of the machine by uploading the visitors you are expecting to the system.

Yes the staff member can sign in manually by typing there name into the “staff icon” on the kiosk page.

Depending on which MIS you use (please see above list of MIS we integrate with) Yes our system will sync with your MIS and upload the corresponding late code when a student is late. Our system will also refresh whenever you make a change to your MIS like students/ staff joining or leaving.

Yes our system can also be switched to “local files” in the case of an internet shortage, this means the system will continue to work as normal collecting data and updating your emergency list.

Yes to comply with the new GDPR regulations you can individually search for a visitors name to delete if they request it. You can also program the system to delete all visitor information after a certain point in time that you chose.

First make sure the RFID reader and plugged in and scanner app is running. Go to staff management and select a staff. Select Picture and click capture RFID then scan your card or fob onto the scanner. Once the staff has been added successfully press save.

When a visitor has already signed in they would show up on currently logged in on the dashboard. Find the staff logged in and change the valid to time.

Go to General settings on Administration. Tick Allow add new host to visitor from kiosk? This will allow the visitor to type in anything for host e.g. Maths Teacher.

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